• Message for our program from Esther Vossen2018.09.14

    Fifth Season (The Netherlands)


    We have received a message for our project from Esther Vossen, who was in Japan until recently to give a lecture and a workshop in our program. As a director of the Fifth Season, she runs an artist-in-residency at a psychiatric institution in the Netherlands. 


    The dear Me workshops of the AIT are very encouraging for children who have had fewer opportunities in their lives than most of us do. By means of art they can express themselves and share their thoughts and feelings. dear Me provides a safe space for kids to express themselves, as art in itself is open and doesn’t judge.

    Esther Vossen

    Fifth Season director/Beautiful Distress Art Manifestation curator


  • 2018/9/22 dear Me Festival!2018.09.7

    Drawing by Ryo Hirano (FOGHORN).


    dear Me Festival! is a one-day event, intersecting between current discussions in art, well-being, and new learning platforms for children. The festival consists of three parts: Exhibition of artworks made by artists and children, and interviews of art and welfare professionals / Philosophy café for children and youth / Symposium inviting curators, artists, and innovative welfare experts. The event is organized by Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT].
    Venue: Hill Side Plaza, More info: click here!



  • dear Meプロジェクトサイト公開2017.07.31

    Drawing by Peter McDonald

    AITと日本財団による、dear MeプロジェクトのWebサイトが公開されました。 これからdear Meプロジェクトが進める活動、イベントやインタビューなどを掲載していきますので、どうぞよろしくお願いします!

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