• 2018/9/22 dear Me Festival!2018.09.7

    Drawing by Ryo Hirano (FOGHORN).


    dear Me Festival! is a one-day event, intersecting between current discussions in art, well-being, and new learning platforms for children. The festival consists of three parts: Exhibition of artworks made by artists and children, and interviews of art and welfare professionals / Philosophy café for children and youth / Symposium inviting curators, artists, and innovative welfare experts. The event is organized by Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT].
    Venue: Hill Side Plaza, More info: click here!



  • dear Meプロジェクトサイト公開2017.07.31

    Drawing by Peter McDonald

    AITと日本財団による、dear MeプロジェクトのWebサイトが公開されました。 これからdear Meプロジェクトが進める活動、イベントやインタビューなどを掲載していきますので、どうぞよろしくお願いします!

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