• 《Celebrating the Future》Furoshiki and postcard set by Peter McDonald and Åbäke.2019.04.9

    (日本語) ピーター・マクドナルドさん Photo by Yukiko Koshima

    London-based artist Peter McDonald and designer collective Åbäke have created an original Dear Me furoshiki and postcard set!

    In the Celebrating The Future series, events that might happen in the future and people you might meet appear in the colourful designs of the artwork. As a special project, you can send your imaginary world or message to Peter McDonald.

  • Article on the Fifth Season on the Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS website2019.02.14

    Photo by Ken Abe




    dear Meプロジェクトの招へいで2018年に東京に滞在した〈フィフス・シーズン〉のディレクター、エスター・フォセンのインタビューが、「日本財団 DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS」のウェブサイトに掲載されました。

    後半は、dear Me とオランダ王国大使館の助成による招へいで、MAD2018年の一環で開催した和田昌宏さんとエスター・フォセンの企画によるワークショップについても触れています。

    ( インタビュー掲載日 2018.2.13)


  • A review on our activities by an online magazine “greenz”.2019.02.9

    Workshop by Kosuge 1-16 at Seibi Home. Photo by Yukiko Koshima


    “The Problems of children were actually those of adults. The values and possibilities brought to society by art started to appear in looking at the activities of the dear Me project, which delivers play and learning experiences to children in places like children’s homes.” 


    An online magazine “greenz” has published an article on dear Me.

    It features various activities, revolving around the workshop we did with an artist duo “Kosuge 1-16” at Seibi Home, a children’s home in Tokyo. The article will give you a good sense of why we want to create a platform for children to meet artists, and encounter art thinking, as well as how we want to share these experiences.



  • The website has been renewed with new “participate” page.2018.09.22

    Drawing by Peter McDonald


    Our website has been renewed.
    In the “participate” page, we release activity reports, workshop information, lecture series, interviews.

    Stay tuned!


  • Message for our program from Esther Vossen2018.09.14

    Fifth Season (The Netherlands)


    We have received a message for our project from Esther Vossen, who was in Japan until recently to give a lecture and a workshop in our program. As a director of the Fifth Season, she runs an artist-in-residency at a psychiatric institution in the Netherlands. 


    The dear Me workshops of the AIT are very encouraging for children who have had fewer opportunities in their lives than most of us do. By means of art they can express themselves and share their thoughts and feelings. dear Me provides a safe space for kids to express themselves, as art in itself is open and doesn’t judge.

    Esther Vossen

    Fifth Season director/Beautiful Distress Art Manifestation curator


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