• dear Me organises sound workshops with children with foreign roots2022.05.18



    On 14 May (Sat), a sound workshop “Listen to the world invisible” was held in collaboration with the certified NPO Kids Door and the dear Me Project.

    The invited guest was artist Yoichi Kamimura, who creates artworks on the theme of sound. He visits Shiretoko in Hokkaido and other countries in Northern Europe to research the sounds of ice floes and nature, and makes field recordings while creating his work.

    On the day of the event, 15 children from third grade to first grade of high school, with roots in various countries, took part.

    The workshop introduced the freedom of thought in art and the artist’s ideas in a way that children could understand, in easy Japanese. After introducing how ice floes are formed and the environment with quizzes, it was time for sound collection and experimentation!

    This time, thanks to the cooperation of Roland Corporation, the children went to the park one by one with binaural microphones and recorders in their hands, and it was impressive to see them collecting sounds of water, touching sand, playground equipment and trees, etc., each in their own way.

    The binaural microphone is a special machine by Roland that combines an earphone and a microphone. You can hear 360° sound around you in three dimensions and record while listening to that sound. The sound of leaves shaking can be heard loudly, and the experience of unusual sounds can be expanded.

    After returning from the park, the children poured soda water into a pot of dry ice and listened to the strange changing sounds through the underwater microphone, or listened to the sounds of ice floes recorded at Mr.Kamimura’s research sites or the songs of overseas indigenous people, and shared their impressions.

    The sound of the creaking ice made them say, “It sounds like some kind of animal noise.”
    “Like an elephant!” A fox?”
    Various voices were raised.

    Some of the children who wanted to listen to the sound recordings they made in the park played them for everyone to hear. They then told us what they had devised and what they had discovered.

    The Kids Door staff, who are always there for the children, commented that the children’s potential was brought out by the fact that they were able to share time together in a free atmosphere and not in a ‘study’ mode.

    AIT will continue to create opportunities for children and adults to discover new learning and expression through artistic expression through collaboration with artists, companies and children’s specialists.

    A mini report on the day’s workshops and a collection of the sounds and voices of the children will be published in due course. Please look forward to it!

    Organised by: NPO Arts Initiative Tokyo / dear Me
    Cooperation: NPO KIDS DOOR
    Grant: Kirin Welfare Foundation
    Donation: Shiseido Camellia Fund
    Equipment cooperation: Roland Corporation

    Photo by Yukiko Koshima